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GATES OF VELEBIT – multidisciplinary dance project 2013.-2015.

„Gates of Velebit“ is an multidisciplinary project which, through a series of dance performances, scientific lectures, artistic workshops, educational seminars and exhibitions, connects the past and the future of Velebit mountain. The major goal behind the project is the conservation of traditional mountain life habits and promotion of protected croatian natural and cultural heritage (ojkalice, nijemo kolo, mirila, suhozidi…)

The backbone of the program is the “vertical dance” as a combination of the art of dance and rock-climbing aiming at future development of this new kind of dance in Croatia.

The official collaboration with National Park Paklenica was established in July 2012 which will result with co-organization of six separate performances / program events in different parts of the Velebit mountain throughout 2013-2014. The final performance will be held at the main square in Zagreb (2015). After the premiere at South Velebit and Jelacic square, all audio-visual and dance materials will be converted into unique final product in order to prepare and perform a full-evening dance event in an indoor theatrical space (2015-16). That full evening performance will be offered to all international dance festivals as a kind of 3D postcard of Velebit mountain cultural and natural heritage.